Plastering Services

Plastering services is one of our core services at the Port St. Lucie Painting Pros. As a material, plaster is quite unmatched in a lot of areas. It is well-known for its durability, sound cancellation, flexibility, and other benefits. In dexterous hands, plaster can be used to achieve artful designs that will improve the appearance of your space. It is also low-maintenance and can be easily cleaned with water without fear of damage which makes it a great option to consider for your interior space.

Plastering Benefits
Plastering your wall creates a robust and long-lasting finish for existing drywall. As the plaster dries and water escapes from the mixture, the bond between the plaster material is strengthened making it quite strong. Plaster is generally considered a stronger and more durable option compared to ordinary drywall. Plastering a wall also makes the surface smoother and flatter which makes it more even for paint application. On its own, plastering has great decorative appeal and if you ever decide to add a coat of paint to the wall, it is much more uniform and stable with plaster on it.

Our Plastering Process
Plastering is a very easy process to complete. We can complete plaster new plastering project or renovations within a very short time. The process is simple and pollution-free as it produces less dust compared to drywall installation. The process also leaves no crack on the surface and leaves an impeccable that you’ll love. When the plastering project is complete, we may also incorporate different designs, colors, and textures into the coat to give it a perfect finish customized to your preferences.

Types Of Plasterboard
Plasterboard is a flexible material that can be used in various building types. There are different types designed to meet different needs depending on your construction requirements and personal preferences. The three main types of plasterboards include:

  • Standard plasterboard: this type of plasterboard is the most common type used in modern constructions. It consists of a gypsum board that is sandwiched between two cellulose paper layers. It typically comes in a 2.4m X 1.2m standard size.
  • Moisture-resistant plasterboard: Also known as MR Board, moisture-resistant plasterboard is designed to be moisture resistant. It is more durable compared to the standard plasterboard. It is also denser and harder. It is more commonly used for plastering walls in areas of the home where moisture is likely to be an issue such as the shower.

Fireboard: although all types of plasterboards are resistant to fire-damage, the fireboard plaster is a lot more fire-resistant. It is made from a mixture of gypsum and glass fibers which makes it a lot resistant to fire compared to regular boards. If your building has stringent regulations regarding fire protection, this is the plasterboard to go for. However, it is important to note that while plasterboard is designed to be fire-resistant, it is not fire-proof. It will only resist the fire for a few hours.

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